Dog Bite Prevention

Avoid that Dog bite and you will save yourself much pain and suffering. Dog bite injury attorneys in Orange County cities like Coto de Caza, Laguna Beach, or Yorba Linda are no strangers to dog bite cases. Local urgent care centers and emergency rooms in these Orange County cities have people come in almost daily suffering from dog bite injuries.

Dogs are just known to bite people from time to time. Family pets, the local junk yard guard dog, even the ever helpful seeing eye dog has the potential to bite people. Young children, men, women, the elderly, the handicapped all can be potential victims of a dog bite.

Take Yorba Linda for example, dog bite injury lawyers in that city alone have more than enough experience helping victims recover losses to wages, medical expenses, compensation for rehabilitation costs and emotional damages that may or may not need psychiatric care and treatment.

Here are some pointers on how to avoid that dog bite attack. Number one on the list should be; do not run from an advancing dog. This will only make the dog be more aggressive and chase you down. Try screaming and yelling at the dog instead. This may scare it off or in the very least may bring help from others. Number two; do not try to make friends with the dog you meet along the way. Instead use your sternest and most commanding voice. Order the dog to go away or go back home. Tell it no, go away. Remain calm and in control. Number three; do not maintain eye contact with the dog. They only see this as an act of aggression on your part. Again, use your command voice and point to the direction you want the dog to go. Number four; do not ever turn your back on the dog. Turning your back gives more enticement for the dog to come after you. Instead, back up slowly as the dog turns to go or you see that it is backing down.

The daily jogger or walker who exercises can often come across the same dog daily. Always be aware the dog may attack. A good idea is to carry a stick with you just in case, or a can of pepper spray that you carry with you could really help if a dog attacks. Most canines are really affected by the pepper spray; mail men and police officers have often had to use it on attacking dogs.

If a dog does attack you and you are a woman with a purse, try to keep the purse between you and the dogs' mouth. If you fall down, curl up and protect your head, face and neck from being bitten with your arms and hands.

Dog bite injuries can range form puncture wounds, tears to the skin, facial lacerations, broken bones and other damages to the body. Dog bite lawyers are the first people to talk to after medical treatment. They can help stir you in the right direction to go with any possible claims for compensation. If you are bitten by a dog ask for referrals from friends or check online in your community for experienced and professional dog bite attorneys in all the many cities of Orange County and Los Angeles. Dog bite attorneys have first hand knowledge of the current dog bite laws in California. They have represented many people in these types of cases and know the pain and suffering that goes along with dog bite injuries.